October 5, 2020

There's nothing more important than knowing, loving, and taking care of one's self. Majority of the time we are taught in the black community a certain physical appearance whether it's physical features, wardrobe, weight, or size classify our beauty. Rarely we are taught that beauty is visible inside out. It's not about looks it's about character, morals, and self love, that's what defines beauty. Self-Love (regard for one's own well-being and happiness)in a time of depression is much needed.

Please take time out Black Queen everyday to love thy self. Don't know how or where to start here are ten ways to get you started:

1. Instill within you a positive message about yourself.

2. Eat healthy give your body the nutrients it needs to properly function.

3. Recognize you are beautiful no mater what shape, tone, or size you may be.

4. Rid your mind of negative thoughts you may have of yourself.

5.Create your personal circle filled with positive vibes/ people who love, inspire, or encourage you.

6. Never compare yourself to someone else. You are unique because your the only version of yourself. No one else can be YOU!

7. Calm your mind. Meditate. Allow your self to enjoy the freedom of a clear mind.

8. Extract negative relationships from your life. Anyone who adds toxic energy to your life is not worth your self-love.

9. Take time to celebrate your accomplishment's no matter how big or small. You deserve to be celebrated!

10.Don't be afraid to try new things. Knowing your strengths and overcoming new experiences adds a sense of confidence you didn't have before.

Self-love can only come from one's self. Don't give other's the ability to define how you love yourself. Show them instead the right ways to love you by first loving yourself!