No Approval Needed !

October 4, 2020

As a woman, your worth is already deduced in a world run by men. We are to look a certain way to be qualified as beautiful, act a certain way to be called a lady, and do certain things to get approval. Why is that? Why do we have to be boxed in order to get a little smudge of respect. We birth life, take care of home, work, multi-task at its best. Yet its never enough. Still under appreciated and mistreated. No we don't wanna replace the role of men but it would be nice to have the same quality of respect. When will things ever change, when will we really be seen, when will we be free to be women without the last say of men? To all my royalties I get it I understand your frustration, your anger and that some of you may very well be tired. Don't let the pressure of the world weigh you down. Don't feel like you have no value in this world. You are light and let no one dim you from shinning bright. Hold your head up Queen and show them just how special your royalty can be. Please Seek No Approval!