October 5, 2020

Hello Royalties

    Love, what is love? I’ve been having a really hard time in this department. It’s taking a very special September to help me understand what love is. I thought I knew but apparently, I’m being retaught everyday. In this day an age it’s so difficult to find real genuine love and be able to maintain it’s beauty, in it’s purest authenticity. Love is an experience we've all been exposed to in life. However do we understand the true concept, the value of what love really is. Yes we can add a smile on someone’s face, make them laugh but never happy. Making someone happy isn't our responsibility, its theirs, we can only contribute to their happiness. In trying to do so we mistake love as only desire and pleasure. Saying in a way if you meet my quota, my needs than I love you and if you don’t then there’s no love there. That makes love conditioned. Eventually that conditional love leads to frustration, anger, resentment, and makes us drift apart from each other. Real love genuine love is like the relationship between God and his creation(people). He created us to be who we’re suppose to be and not who he wants us to be. He created us with free will but despite our faults and mess ups he allow us to become what we want to be. Yet he's still there to guide us, love us, forgive us, and help us become the very best version of ourselves. Achieve all our dreams and desires, he allows us to simply be who were meant to be and love us still. My best friend and love of my life, my sweet September has taught me that love:

Listen-take the time to actually here what is being said for understanding rather than being so quick to respond

Observe-pay attention to details in actions rather than falling for words

Validate- have clarity of the truth. Yes I get it and yes I understand what’s being said or happening. It opens doors for an open and loving environment.

Engage- communicate, no matter the circumstance be honest despite the end outcome. Tackle the dilemmas head on.

Love is the ability to help others grow and care for their all around well being. When you really love someone you want to see them happy and enjoying life. It’s a real depth understanding of their wants, needs, trauma, hopes and dreams. Love is not selfish, but patient, and kind. Love isn’t conditional but the soil for growth and evolution.