October 4, 2020

Growth the process of developing or maturing physically, mentally and spiritually. It's not an easy process it requires patience, discipline, support, and the ability to be open- minded. One of life biggest lessons is that growth can be endless. For me my growth has been personal (Personal Growth - the process by which a person recognizes himself or herself and continually develops himself or herself to reach his or her full potential). I was so convinced that I knew all there was needed to know. In reality didn't know up from down or wrong from right. Living in a big ball of chaos not willing to let go of childish ways, childish thinking and actions. Stuck in an endless cycle of unhappiness and failure. Took help from an angel of mines to recognize my personal growth has a big effect on who I am as a person( my character), maturity, success, and happiness. My journey has come ways since the beginning of my self transformation and still has ways to go. Don't make the same mistake I made royalties whether your in a good or bad space in life personal growth is important. The time is now don' t close yourself off from personal growth. Don't know where to start here are some steps that got my growth on the way.

Acceptance - Knowing there is still room for growth.

My Experience ( I woke up one morning wondering why my world was falling apart. I'm smart, experienced, and dealt with a few situations in my life so far I know the ins and outs. Or do I? Maybe I don't maybe there is still more to learn.)

Paying Attention to Myself - Recognizing my weaknesses and bad habits. Unhealthy patterns.

My Experience ( Evaluate myself notice my failure to be honest in situations to avoid conflict, not loving myself as I should, settling for less than i deserve, Not having a voice or standing up for myself to please others. Communication failure etc.)

Apply - Seizing every opportunity to change familiar actions with new and better methods.

My Experience (Dealing with problems differently, surrounding myself with positive energy and people around me with successful mindset. No longer wanting to be the smartest person in the room.)

Stay Open Minded - Understanding your way is not the only way. Being mature enough to listen to others and wise enough to make better decisions.

My Experience ( Letting go of my stubborn ways and thinking, stepping outside of myself to see all the perspectives, hear all the solutions and consider all options.)