There's nothing more important than knowing, loving, and taking care of one's self. Majority of the time we are taught in the black community a certain physical appearance whether it's physical features, wardrobe, weight, or size classify our beauty...


No Approval Needed !

As a woman, your worth is already deduced in a world run by men. We are to look a certain way to be qualified as beautiful, act a certain way to be called a lady, and do certain things to get approval.



Growth the process of developing or maturing physically, mentally, and spiritually. It's not an easy process it requires patience, discipline, support, and the ability to be open-minded. One of life's biggest lessons is that growth can be endless...


Makings of Me- Redemption

Today I’m feeling alone, like nothing matters. Today I’m feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders and I mean I’m really feeling it. Feeling the pain of it all, all my bad decisions, choices, and turns in life, how it affected others and damaged the one relationship that matters most to me...



Love, what is love? I’ve been having a really hard time in this department. It’s taking a very special September to help me understand what love is. I thought I knew but apparently, I’m being retaught every day...


To My Dearest Royalties

A positive mind is all you need for a better and more productive life. Yes, it’s gonna take some effort and work but mainly a positive mindset...